What Makes the Schalero® Different?


Regardless of a woman’s dressing style, the Schalero® has a place in her closet.  From the college student to the grandmother, every woman of all ages loves scarves. Instead of the Schalero®  being a fashion accessory, it is the ultimate garment. Think of it as a “necessary” garment and accessory; that can be worn as a bolero/jacket, scarf, or shawl.  The functionality of this fashion invention is that it attaches one end of it to the othe, with magnetic buttons (1), to provide an enclosure for a mock sleeve to become a bolero jacket and then it detaches to function as a scarf and/or shawl.  It comes in a variety of fabrics and materials such as 100% silk, French Lace, wool blends, and cashmere; just to name a few.



Jacket In-An-Instant

The Schalero® can be worn as a jacket with sleeves.  It gives you that polished look without having to layer.

Invisible Buttons

The year one patented technology of the Schalero® has invisible buttons that provides a proprietary closure that does not distract from your ensemble.  It lets you change from one garment type to the next with ease.

Specialty Cut and Design

Sized just for you.  The Schalero® comes in multiple sizes.  It contours the body to accentuate the shape without adding bulk.

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Keeps You Warm

Regardless of your changing body temperature, the Schalero® gives you the warmth you want. 

Covers Your Arms

Have a special occasion, and need to cover your arms and not your dress?  The Schalero® provides coverage without hiding your style.

Transforms Any Ensemble

Whether you are wearing a simple t-shirt or an evening gown, the Schalero® completes your style for  ALL the Woman you are!

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(1) ATTNETION:  As with mobile phones, jewelry, and purses, magnets should be kept away from PACEMAKERS!