Dr. Karen Hypolite catalogs her experiences as an inventor and entrepreneur from product development all the way to selling her invention, the Schalero, on QVC. She shares her successes and mistakes that can be avoided through information sharing and mentorship. 


This book is a comprehensive resource for those looking for a practical no-nonsense guide on how to propel their idea into a sellable product.  It’s the do’s and don’ts of entrepreneurship.  It is a step-by-step instruction manual on the new product development process. It also includes an exhaustive resource list.  In this book, readers can look forward to:


  • How to Protect Your Idea for less than $100

  • Where to go for Financing Your Idea

  • The Production and Manufacturing Process

  • Marketing Your Idea

  • Pitching Your Idea to Producers, Product Reps, Agents, and Buyers

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