Hello.  I'm Karen. It's nice to see you!


I am Karen Hypolite, Ph.D. and I am the inventor and designer of the Schalero TM. I invented the Schalero - Scarf. Shawl. Bolero. All-In-One; under Divine Inspiration. One day I was in need of a jacket, but instead of buying one I made one instantly without a sewing machine or thread. As a trained science educator, my job was to figure things out. I was using my creativity out of desperation; using a towel and two safety pins. No one knew it, but me. Necessity is truly the mother of invention. The Schalero TM is a 3 in 1 patent-pending garment that instantly transforms from a bolero/jacket to a scarf or a shawl with a quick tug and a pull. It easily becomes a scarf around the neck, a shawl around the shoulders, or a bolero/jacket down the arms. It can be worn with a dress, jeans, or anything in between. It is the Schalero TM - one for every woman!  This is me in the Schalero....(in my serious face :)